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So my talk went pretty well. It was a small audience (4 people) as I expected, but it was well-received. I even had someone come up to me this afternoon and ask me for the gist, since he'd missed the talk earlier. Pretty cool. I'm hoping to show the results to Bar-Yam when he comes, some time before his scheduled talk on Wednesday (although there's something I have to prepare myself for: it is entirely natural, when presenting research to someone who knows the background, for that person to look for weaknesses and whatnot, just as part of the scientific process. I'm not sure I'm immune to the criticism.)

Although I didn't have to work on my talk this afternoon, I did find myself working on a queueing simulation, instead of listening to some talks. Conferences always inspire me to start new research projects, and not even necessarily in any field being discussed. I think it's because conferences are the only time I allow myself to be all about research. Outside, I only do research in bits and pieces, and don't give myself the time to think of new things to do. SO when I get here, it gets released and I want to do this work, when it would be more appropriate to network and talk with people and listen to talks and save the work for later. If I want to be a physicist full-time, I need to give more time and respect to the research side of my career than I do now.
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...but I have finally submitted my second bus research paper to Physical Review E for their consideration. For those who are curious, you can find a copy here:

I've been studying bus route models since before I graduated from the University of Chicago, and published my first solo paper on buses in 2003. The research in this paper comes mostly from last spring when we first moved to Dallas: I gave a talk on my research in April 2006 at SMU, changed directions completely due to some comments made at that talk, and then talked about my new direction at MIT in May. I've added little bits since then, but most of the delay has been my trying to find time/energy/motivation to work on the paper in between teaching gigs.

I've already gotten good reviews from civil engineers at MIT and the University of Arizona; let's hope the physicists agree. :)


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