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So my first telephone interview is tomorrow. I know it's at noon, for half an hour, with five people; don't know who the people are. Given this is a ultra-teaching-centric department, I'm not sure it makes a difference; if they had research, I could comment on their research, but they all teach the same several intro courses. I've been trying to find out more about the department online, but there's not a lot there. There are 29 full-time faculty in math and physics, but no indication as to how many of those are in physics, or how many students there are. They claim they have an "international reputation for delivering innovative education in science", but I don't know what the innovations are. Duties include "scholarly activity", which suggests research, but no clue what research is being done there.

To be honest, I'm not really happy about the job. If I were to take such a job permanently, I would feel that I had not lived up to my potential, and be somewhat disappointed in myself. If they were flying me out for an interview, I would feel guilty about wasting their money; but since this is my first and so far only interview, and it is only a telephone interview so I'm only wasting their time at worst, it's worth it just for the practice. Who knows, I may even be wrong.


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