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OK, so my previous journal was too heavy to merit a response; how about something lighter....

I was at a restaurant this evening and the power went out, twice. It was only for a few minutes each time, but it occurred to me that this was the third time in my life, as far as I can recall, when this has happened, and I am wondering whether that's a typical rate of occurrence. :) Has it happened to you?

The three times:
1. In West Roxbury (ie Boston) at one of the Irish pubs there, during lunch. My food was cooked before the outage, which was good because it didn't go back on for a while afterwards. (I was happy to note that the soda dispensers did not require electricity to run.) It was a construction-related blackout as I recall; the weather was fine.

2. At a fancy restaurant here in Dallas with Jen, at night. Again, we got our food in time, but we ate by candlelight, which sounds romantic but really meant I had to look carefully to see what I was eating. This was another long power outage.

3. This afternoon, I was at a pizza place here in Dallas, and the power went out twice, for about five minutes each time. The sun was out so I could see, but it was amazing just how hot that place got in those five minutes: maybe from the summer heat, although I suspect the kitchens had a lot to do with it.


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