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So I signed up for this conference and I wanted to give a talk, so I decided to talk about this idea I had, a way to model email networks so as to get results similar to those in a paper published a couple of years ago and presented last year at this conference. I didn't have any data or proof that this model would work when I sent in the abstract, but I figured, meh, I'd come up with something. Well, I had end of classes, and the interview this week, and Mother's Day, and so I had no time. I had to spend a lot of today (the first day of the conference) running simulations, trying different parameters, trying to make it work and having no idea if it would.

Well, it does. :) Maybe not perfectly, but I've got a preliminary match to that previous paper, and a talk all prepared for tomorrow. I am very impressed with myself. :)

It's 2am, the talk's at 8am, must go to bed...but had to crow to someone.
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So in record time, my paper was turned down by Physical Review E. It failed the "is this physics?" test, apparently, as they recommended a "more specialized journal on traffic". It makes perfect sense, but it has depressed me overmuch nevertheless. It feels like an attack on my professional identity, like my credentials as a physicist have been called into question, etc etc. Being in the middle of a job search right now makes this rejection even harder.

It has nothing to do with any of this, of course, and hopefully I will shake this off soon. There have been papers published in PRE before about traffic and whatnot, but I can see how those papers had some physics content, while mine probably does not. I know someone in transportation engineering who can probably suggest an appropriate journal for the paper, and I've had several engineers say that the work is novel. It'll probably be published somewhere.

Still. *SIGH*
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...but I have finally submitted my second bus research paper to Physical Review E for their consideration. For those who are curious, you can find a copy here:

I've been studying bus route models since before I graduated from the University of Chicago, and published my first solo paper on buses in 2003. The research in this paper comes mostly from last spring when we first moved to Dallas: I gave a talk on my research in April 2006 at SMU, changed directions completely due to some comments made at that talk, and then talked about my new direction at MIT in May. I've added little bits since then, but most of the delay has been my trying to find time/energy/motivation to work on the paper in between teaching gigs.

I've already gotten good reviews from civil engineers at MIT and the University of Arizona; let's hope the physicists agree. :)


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